Coronavirus Update

Published Date: 29.01.2021

The Police Ombudsman’s Office is continuing to respond to the ongoing pandemic by implementing measures to minimise the impact on our work and reduce health risks. 
Although the Office remains closed to the public, new complaints can be made by email, in writing and via our website.
Click here for further information about how to make a complaint.
We are continuing to assess and assign complaints for investigation, and investigations are being progressed.
A small number of staff are in the Office, while others are working remotely. This means that although it might take longer to complete investigations, our enquiries are continuing.
If you need to get in touch about your complaint, please contact the relevant investigating officer by email, or alternatively contact the office on 028 9082 8600 and we will forward your enquiry for their attention.
Historical investigations
We are operating at reduced capacity for historical investigations (relating to incidents during “the Troubles” between 1968 and 1998), and have taken measures to prioritise actions requiring immediate attention.
If you need to contact us about a historical investigation, please send an email to and we will ensure that the relevant person responds to you.
Our response to the pandemic is subject to ongoing review. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will respond proportionately to developments.

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