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RUC did not protect murderers from justice

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A Police Ombudsman investigation has found no evidence to indicate that RUC officers were complicit in the murder of a colleague nor protected those responsible from investigation.

Judge’s comments in court leads to discipline of five police officers

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A judge’s criticism of evidence given by two police officers in court has led to five police officers being disciplined for failing to keep proper records.

Police failures in investigation of child abuse allegations

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An investigation by the Police Ombudsman’s Office of a complaint about how the PSNI handled reports of alleged child abuse has found that police failed those who were said to have been abused.

Officers cleared of assault during arrest outside Belfast hotel

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Police officers accused of assault by a man involved in an altercation outside a Belfast hotel have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Police Ombudsman’s Office.

Constable and sergeants disciplined over investigation into ‘road rage’ incident

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Three police officers have been disciplined over an investigation into a ‘road rage’ incident in Newry in which a woman claimed she was assaulted by a man after he had blocked her car with his vehicle.

Circumstances of woman's fall remain unclear says Ombudsman

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The exact circumstances of PSNI involvement in a fall in which a woman sustained 12 broken ribs, a broken back and a broken elbow remain unclear, the Police Ombudsman has said.

Investigative failures into road accident which left motorcyclist hospitalised for a month

Published Date:


A police officer has been disciplined over investigative failures into a road accident which left a motorcyclist requiring several operations and being hospitalised for a month.

Officers accused of withholding medication cleared of any wrongdoing

Published Date:


Police and custody officers who were accused of withholding medication from a man in their custody have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Police Ombudsman.

No evidence that police provided details of Republicans to Loyalist

Published Date:


The Police Ombudsman has found no evidence that police gave information about people connected to a Republican band to a man understood to be a Loyalist in Ballymoney in 2016.

Need for new way of dealing with past: Dr Maguire

Published Date:


Dealing with the past must be done differently if we are to ensure a stable and shared society, Police Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire has said.

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