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Corporate Governance

The Police Ombudsman is appointed by Her Majesty, as a named person for a fixed term of seven years. The status of this authority is that of corporation sole. The Police Ombudsman is accountable to the Northern Ireland Assembly, through the Minister for Justice.

The status of the Office of the Police Ombudsman is that of a non-departmental public body (NDPB) administrated through the Department of Justice. The Management Statement and Financial Memorandum set out the Office’s overall aim, the rules and guidelines relevant to the exercise of the Office’s functions, duties and powers, the condition under which any public funds are paid to the Office and how the Office is to be held to account for its performance.

Further information:

The arrangements which have been established to ensure proper and effective management of the Office’s affairs.

The roles, responsibilities, membership and rights of the Police Ombudsman's Audit and Risk Committee.

Register of Interests for the Executive Leadership Team and Non-Exective members of the Audit and Risk Committee.

Information about the number of invoices paid by the Police Ombudsman's Office within 10 working days of receipt