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Investigating complaints about the police

How to make a complaint

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Information for Young People

The Police Ombudsman's Office is where to go if you want to make a complaint about a police officer in Northern Ireland. We are completely separate from the police, and don't take sides between police officers and the people who make complaints about them.

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Statistics and Research

We publish a wide range of statistical information about the complaints and allegations received by the Police Ombudsman's Office. We also publish other research including the levels of satisfaction of police officers and public awareness of the Office.

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The number of complaints received by the Police Ombudsman’s Office during 2023/24 increased by 5% from the previous year. This is the highest number of complaints received by the Office in the last five years.


Criminal Investigation was the most common situation which gave rise to complaints during 2023/24 - accounting for 35% (1,185) of the 3,353 complaints received.

Working for the Police Ombudsman

The Police Ombudsman can offer varied, interesting and rewarding career opportunities. Click here for information about posts we are currently seeking to fill.

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