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Wale yer leed

Gin ye'r miscontentit wi the actions o a polis, ye can mak a compleent:

Compleen Online

Send us a compleent at ony time uisin oor siccar online compleents form. Forby thon, ye can uise the form for tae send us wittins uphaudin yer compleent – for exemple, video or audio files, picturs or documents.

Mak compleent online.

What can I complain about?

You can make a complaint about anything a police officer does during the course of their duties that causes you concern. That can be anything ranging from rudeness right up to concerns about serious criminality.

We deal wi compleents anent the haivins o:

  • Polis an a wheen ither staff fee'd by the Polis Service o Northren Ireland;
  • Belfast Herbour Polis;
  • Belfast Internaitional Airport Polis;
  • Meenistry o Defence Polis in Northren Ireland (sairious cases);
  • Naitional Crime Agentrie Officers in Northren Ireland (sairious cases);
  • Immigration an Border Agentrie offeecials in Northren Ireland (sairious cases).

We dinna deal wi compleents anent:

  • Polis operational maiters the like o the wey the polis prioriteeses thair wark, whit wey thay manage thair operations, or the nummer o polis assigned tae an aurie.
  • Polis that's aff duty, binna the fact that thay'r a polis is relevant, the like o gin thay tell ye that thay'r a polis.
  • Polis an polis employees that's reteert, binna the compleent is that the body brak the law while wirkin as a polis.

Please tent:

  • For ordinar ye maun mak a compleent 'ithin ae year o the incident ye'r mismuived aboot.
  • For common, the shuiner ye mak yer compleent, the better. Some evident coud get tint in the coorse o time.
  • The Polis Ombudsman can howk intae compleents aboot incidents that happent mair nor a year afore bein reportit tae's gin she conseeders the quaistens involved tae be wechty or byordinar.
  • For ordinar, we can anely investigate gin ye war involved or affectit by the incident yersel, or ar actin on behauf o a body that wis.
  • We'll mebbe hae tae skare yer wittins wi ither pairties, baith while leukin intae yer compleent an for tae obtemper wi oor statutor obligations. Mair wittins aboot whan we micht skare yer wittins is conteened in oor Preevacy Notice.