Police Ombudsman statement

Published Date: 19.10.2017

The Police Ombudsman’s Office has begun an investigation into concerns about the way in which the PSNI conducted an investigation into allegations of bribery and misconduct in public office in 2014.

The Office is investigating allegations of criminality and misconduct in how this investigation was undertaken by police.

It has not named the police officers under investigation, but has confirmed that they include a range of officers, including those above the rank of Chief Superintendent.

The Police Ombudsman has declared the matter to be a ‘critical incident’ – an issue the outcome of which could have a significant impact on the person making the complaint, on the police or on the wider community.

A team has been set up to look into these matters. It includes six investigators and has access to external legal advice

Given that some of the officers are above the level of Chief Superintendent, the Policing Board has been notified.

The Office has not recommended the suspension of any of the police officers concerned.

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