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Former police officer convicted of perverting course of justice

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A former police officer has been convicted of perverting the course of justice after a Police Ombudsman investigation found that he fabricated interview notes during an investigation into a road traffic coll...

Man's assault claims against officers rejected

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Claims that police assaulted a man suspected of drink driving after finding him asleep in his car have been rejected following an investigation by the Police Ombudsman’s Office.

Officer failed to progress serious assault case

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A police officer has been disciplined for failing to progress an investigation into a serious assault, even after shortcomings with the case were pointed out to him as a result of an investigation by the Pol...

Officer cleared of using so much force that van door was ripped from its hinges

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The Police Ombudsman has rejected a complaint that a police officer pushed a delivery driver with so much force that the door of his van was ripped from its hinges.

Officers disciplined after driver wrongly recommended for prosecution

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Two police officers have been disciplined over failures in an investigation which almost resulted in a woman being wrongly prosecuted following a two vehicle collision in Co. Down.

Investigation rejects claim that officer’s “karate chop” caused woman to break ribs

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A Police Ombudsman investigation has rejected a complaint that a police officer caused a woman to break two ribs by “karate chopping” her over a rocking chair.

Officers disciplined over failures in investigation of nightclub incident

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Two police officers have been disciplined after a Police Ombudsman investigation found that they failed to properly investigate an alleged assault on a teenager by a nightclub doorman in Belfast city centre.

Officer cleared of causing “possible lifelong injuries”

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A Police Ombudsman investigation has cleared a police officer of causing “possible lifelong injuries” to a man by closing handcuffs so tightly that he suffered “suspected nerve damage”.

Officer compromised police investigation into “threatening and obscene” phone calls

Published Date:


A police officer who “compromised” a police investigation into threats and intimidation which left a family fearing for their safety, has been disciplined following a Police Ombudsman investigation.

Police cleared of failing to return man to prison for breach of licence conditions

Published Date:


A Police Ombudsman investigation has cleared police of failing to ensure a man was returned to jail after breaching the terms of his licence.

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