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Police staff disciplined after searches twice failed to find drugs in police custody suite

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Two police officers and a civilian member of police staff have been disciplined after searches of a man in police custody twice failed to find concealed drugs.

Man’s CS spray claims rejected

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A man’s claims that a police officer struck him in the ribs after spraying him in the face with CS Spray during an alleged sectarian incident have been rejected following a Police Ombudsman investigation.

New information adds weight to evidence linking RUC officers to assault: Police Ombudsman

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An investigation by the Police Ombudsman’s Office has found new evidence about an attack on a man, during which he sustained injuries which led to his death.

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Police were justified in planning search of elderly woman’s home as part of major drugs operation

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Police had justifiable reasons for planning to search the isolated home of an elderly lady as part of a major anti-drugs operation, a Police Ombudsman investigation has concluded.

Officers disciplined over failings in assault investigation

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Two police officers have been disciplined after a Police Ombudsman investigation found that virtually nothing had been done to investigate a report of an assault in a pub in Derry/Londonderry in June last year.

Man’s claims of police assault and abuse rejected

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The Police Ombudsman has dismissed a complaint that a man was assaulted and verbally abused by police, after his account was contradicted by a number of witnesses.

Police worker disciplined over custody failings

Published Date:


A police Civilian Detention Officer has been disciplined after a Police Ombudsman investigation found failings in the care provided to a man with mental health issues while detained in police custody in Co. ...

Use of warning shots justified after man aims crossbow at police officers: Police Ombudsman

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The Police Ombudsman has concluded that a police officer was justified in firing two warning shots into the ground near a man who aimed a crossbow at officers.

Police Ombudsman appeals for witnesses to Kilrea incident

Published Date:


The Police Ombudsman’s Office has appealed for information about an incident involving police and a member of the public they were attempting to restrain in Kilrea in August.

Police used minimal force after man put doctor’s notes in his mouth

Published Date:


A Police Ombudsman investigation has found that police used minimal force after a man grabbed medical notes from a police doctor and put them in his mouth.

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