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Three police officers disciplined over failings in investigation of child sex abuse images

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Three police officers have been disciplined over failings in an investigation into images of child sexual abuse found on a man’s computer.

Police Ombudsman statement

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The Police Ombudsman’s Office has begun an investigation into concerns about the way in which the PSNI conducted an investigation into allegations of bribery and misconduct in public office in 2014.

Police Ombudsman rejects claims that police allowed Castlereagh raid to happen

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An investigation by the Police Ombudsman’s Office has rejected claims that police could have prevented a break-in at Castlereagh police station in 2002, but chose not to for political reasons and in order to...

Police failed woman and man who were murdered

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The Police Ombudsman, Dr Michael Maguire, has said that police decision making which led to the release from custody of a man who had been arrested for assaulting his partner was flawed.

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Police Ombudsman's Office arrests police officer

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Investigators from the Police Ombudsman's Office have this morning arrested a police officer.

Rethink on missing person investigations needed: Police Ombudsman

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The Police Ombudsman, Dr Michael Maguire, has said police need to rethink how they handle missing person investigations.

Officer disciplined for kicking man during Belfast incident

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A police officer has been disciplined after a Police Ombudsman investigation found that he had used “excessive and unjustified” force when he kicked a man during an incident in Belfast in July 2015.

Police response to serious assault outside pub was “efficient and effective”: Police Ombudsman

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The Police Ombudsman has praised as “efficient and effective” initial enquiries made by police following an assault which left a man with fractures to his skull, cheek and nose as well as bleeding on the brain.

Officer made “inappropriate and unprofessional” comments to solicitor

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A Police Ombudsman investigation has found that a police officer made “inappropriate and unprofessional comments” after becoming frustrated with a solicitor during a criminal interview.

Concerns which “go to the heart of covert policing methods” to be investigated: Police Ombudsman

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The Police Ombudsman’s Office has launched an investigation into allegations contained in Monday’s edition of “The Irish News”, in which the paper reported conversations with two police officers and an alleg...

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