Police Ombudsman statement

Published Date: 30.11.2020

A total of 13 separate matters arising from the de Silva review were formally referred to the Police Ombudsman's Office by the PSNI in February 2016.

However, at this stage events connected to the murder of Pat Finucane are not central to any of our ongoing investigations.

It was decided that the most appropriate way of progressing those matters referred to us would be, where possible, to consolidate them into ongoing relevant investigations.

Two of the matters were investigated as part of our broader enquiry into whether police took appropriate steps to prevent and investigate a number of Loyalist attacks in south Belfast in the 1990s.

Our investigation of those matters is now complete and our findings will be published as part of the report on the broader investigation.

A number of matters have been incorporated into another major Police Ombudsman investigation arising from complaints about police conduct in relation to terrorist activity by the UDA.

The remaining issues were not immediately relevant to existing investigations and will be progressed as standalone cases.

Each of these matters was assessed using our case prioritisation policy. This policy informs the sequencing of our historical enquiries given available resources. Those matters which have not progressed to investigation at this stage will be advanced when resources allow.
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