Response to Northern Ireland Retired Police Officers’ Association statement

Published Date: 24.10.2013

The overarching objective of the police is to preserve life and protect property – this principle is well established.

Our report clearly states that the police had in their possession reliable information that a booby trap bomb had been placed in a location convenient to 38 Kildrum Gardens.  This is acknowledged  by the Retired Officers.

It is also clear that no attempt was made to warn the local community of the risks posed by a booby trap device in a residential area.  The findings of our Report stand and it will not be withdrawn

The Police Ombudsman’s Office is the lawful mechanism for investigating criminality and misconduct of police officers.  It is extraordinary that the Retired Police Officers Association will not encourage their members to participate as witnesses in investigations into the most serious of crimes

This reinforces the need for the Office to be able to compel officers to assist its investigations and to produce all documentation in their possession.  Such powers have been recommended in the Statutory 5 Year Review of the Office, which is under consideration by the Minister of Justice.

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