Police Ombudsman Statement On The Circumstances Surrounding The Murder Of Mr Frank Hughes

Published Date: 12.10.2004

Following a complaint about the police investigation into the murder of taxi driver Mr Frank Hughes, murdered by Loyalists near Dungannon in 1990, the Police Ombudsman has reviewed police files relating to the case.

Following this review, the Police Ombudsman has stated that she is satisfied that police followed through on the investigative opportunities available to them at the time of the murder.

In particular, Mrs Nuala O'Loan said she was satisfied that significant crime scene work was undertaken by the police, that Mr Hughes's licence was examined for fingerprints, and that a forensic examination was carried out to establish the history of the firearm used in the murder.

She added that police had also taken steps to identify officers who had been in a police car parked outside the hotel on the night of the murder.

The Police Ombudsman has also established that police reviewed the investigation in 2001 and have since been in correspondence with the family.

She added, however, that she would be happy to consider any additional information the family might have in relation to the case.


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