Corporate Values, Service Charter and Code of Ethics

Our Corporate Values


Our investigations, and the work that supports them, are evidence-based and not influenced, controlled or subject to pressure by others.


We treat everyone with integrity and fairness, and undertake our work without bias and free from preconceptions.


We do what we say, we accept responsibility for our actions and we recognise that we are accountable for our decisions.

Respectful and Professional

We treat everyone with respect through the quality of our work, by being professional and by living our values every day.

Service Charter

Being Independent

We will investigate your complaint free of any influence other than the evidence we have before us.

Being Impartial

We will treat people with integrity and fairness.

Being Accountable

We will do what we say we will and we will explain our findings clearly and fully

Being Respectful and Professional

We will treat people with respect andbe professional at all times.

To help us deliver this service we need people to co-operate with us and provide us with as much information as possible.

Code of Ethics

Click here for the Police Ombudsman's Code of Ethics.

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