Strand Road incident

Published Date: 09.10.2009

The Police Ombudsman's Office has released some details about the progress of its investigation into last weekend's death of 40 year old Strabane man John Brady at Strand Road police station in Derry/Londonderry.

The Office launched an investigation last Saturday after Mr Brady's body was found in a room at the police station. He had been arrested the previous day following what police have described as a 'domestic incident'.

Having been notified of the death, a team from the Police Ombudsman's Office attended the scene and began an independent investigation of the circumstances surrounding Mr Brady's death.

"Our initial tasks have been to gather forensic and witness evidence with a view to building a detailed account of the events leading to Mr Brady's death. This will include the circumstances in which Mr Brady was arrested and his treatment and care throughout the period he was in police custody. Interviews of police officers who had contact with Mr Brady between the time of his arrest and death have begun.

"We have seized and are examining all the police CCTV footage covering the period from when Mr Brady first entered the station until the discovery of his body.

We have also recovered all police records documentation relating to his arrest and detention," said a spokesman.

"We are speaking with Mr Brady's family and their Solicitors who have raised a number of issues with us and we have confirmed that the investigation will not be limited to events inside the police station but will consider any police related issues which may have had a bearing on the tragic events of that Saturday night," he said.


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