Firing of Taser in west Belfast

Published Date: 02.04.2009

The Police Ombudsman's Office is investigating the firing of a taser by police in Belfast this morning.

The incident happened shortly after eleven o'clock in the car park of the Twin Spires Centre on the Falls Road when police discharged the taser at a man in the area.

A Police Ombudsman's team of investigators arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and has been there throughout the afternoon.

Investigators have the scene forensically examined and a number of items have been recovered, including CCTV footage and items relating to the firing of the weapon. They have also made a number of other enquiries at the location.

The team expects to continue its inquiries in the area on Friday morning.

It has asked anyone who saw what happened to contact the Police Ombudsman's Office on 0800 032 7880.

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