Police Ombudsman appeal over baton incident

Published Date: 17.07.2001

The Police Ombudsman’s Office has appealed for information in relation to an incident during the trouble in north Belfast last week in which it has been suggested that a 16 year old girl was hit by a plastic baton round.
The incident is said to have happened on Thursday evening, July 12 at 8.15pm when the girl was struck on the forehead and knocked to the ground in Estroil Park in the Ardoyne area.
It is believed three or four men lifted the girl off the ground and took her to her home in Stratford Gardens, where they told her parents she had been hit by a baton round. The girl was then taken to hospital and received six stitches to a head wound.
Police Ombudsman investigators are anxious to speak to the men involved or to hear from anyone who saw what happened.
The telephone number to call is 07900 278 683
Futher Information: Police Ombudsman Media Officer Tim Gracey.
Tel: 029 90828604 or Mobile: 07773 112 734


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