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Police fail to find body lying under blanket

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has recommended that two police officers be disciplined after a police search of a man's home in the Strathfoyle area of Derry/Londonderry failed to find his decomposed body, which was l...

Police had reasonable grounds for stop and search, and to interview phone theft suspect

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has found that police had reasonable grounds to stop and search two men in connection with the theft of a phone, as well as to interview and conduct an identification procedure involving...

Police Ombudsman justifies first use of Taser by PSNI

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has said the first use of a Taser by police in Northern Ireland was "justified and proportionate".

Officer cautioned after forcing train to make emergency stop

Incident Date:


A police officer has received a criminal caution for misusing a level crossing and forcing a train to perform an emergency stop.

Complainant withdraws allegation that officers fabricated a statement

Incident Date:

Aug 2008

A Police Ombudsman investigation into allegations police officers fabricated a statement about an abduction in Belfast in the early 1990s, was withdrawn after the complainant accepted that the statement was ...

Police actions played no role in fatal west Belfast collision

Incident Date:


An investigation by the Police Ombudsman's Office has found no evidence of police misconduct during the events which led up to a fatal collision on the Glenside Road, west Belfast, on 3 July 2008.

Officers disciplined after 999 call mix up

Incident Date:


Two police officers have been disciplined following a mix-up over 999 calls - leading to a delay of over an hour in an ambulance being sent to an incident.

No evidence police offered witness inappropriate payments

Incident Date:


A Police Ombudsman investigation has found no evidence that police made inappropriate payments to help a prosecution witness (Witness A) give evidence during a Crown Court trial.

Officer disciplined after failing to attend court case

Incident Date:


A PSNI officer has been disciplined after failing to attend court for a trial arising from a case she had supervised, and for being late in providing disclosure information to the Public Prosecution Service.

Driver’s body remained in river for a week

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has criticised the slow police response to a reported traffic accident near Draperstown in 2007, but has found that the delay in no way contributed to the death of a motorist.

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