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Officer justified in shooting at driver of car which ran her down: Police Ombudsman

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has found that a police officer was justified in firing a shot at the driver of a car just before it knocked her down.

Motorcyle rally death "a tragic accident": Police Ombudsman

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has described the death of a motorcyclist who collided with a police motorcyclist during a charity event as "a tragic accident".

Officers right to use Tasers against man who stabbed neighbour's dog

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has concluded that police acted properly when they used Tasers against a man who was armed with a knife and had earlier stabbed a neighbour's dog.

Officer given suspended sentence for fabricating interview notes and signatures

Incident Date:

Apr 2009

A police officer received a suspended prison sentence after a Police Ombudsman investigation found that he had fabricated interview notes about an assault outside a Belfast nightclub in December 2008.

Taser discharge justified as police foil armed bank raid

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has found that police were justified in using a Taser to help foil an armed robbery in west Belfast in April 2009.

Officer disciplined after accidental weapons discharge

Incident Date:


A police officer has been disciplined after accidentally shooting himself in the foot during a search of a flat in Ballymena.

Taser use justified against man armed with knife at hostel

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has found that police acted properly when they used a Taser to subdue a man who was armed with a knife in a Belfast hostel for the homeless.

Officer disciplined for slow response to report of drink-driving by off-duty policeman

Incident Date:


A police officer has been disciplined for failing to take immediate action following a report that an off-duty police officer may have been drink driving.

Officer prompted suspect and made inappropriate comments

Incident Date:


A police officer has been disciplined for making inappropriate comments to a suspect and prompting the suspect during a criminal interview.

Officer convicted and resigns from police after lying about traffic investigation

Incident Date:

Feb 2009

A police officer who failed to conduct a proper investigation into a traffic collision and lied to cover it up has been convicted of perverting the course of justice following an investigation by the Police ...

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