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Woman accepts police right to use Taser against her during north Belfast incident

Incident Date:

Sep 2010

A woman who was struck with Taser after lunging at police officers with a knife, has said she believes police were right to use the weapon against her.

Police justified in using Taser against man armed with knife

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has concluded that police were justified in using a Taser against a man (Man A) who was threatening to kill himself, and who had also threatened officers and paramedics with a knife and ...

Police justified in discharging Tasers at a man who held knife to his own throat

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has found that police were justified in discharging two Tasers at a man who held a knife to his own throat and threatened to kill himself.

Police justified in using 120 AEPs during three nights of rioting in north Belfast

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has concluded that police were justified in discharging a total of 120 Attenuated Energy Projectiles (AEPs) during three consecutive nights of serious rioting in north Belfast in July 2010.

Police justified in discharging 42 AEPs during rioting at Broadway, Belfast

Incident Date:


The Police Ombudsman has concluded that police were justified in discharging a total of 42 AEP rounds during serious rioting in Belfast's Broadway area on 11 and 12 July 2010.

Discharge of 22 baton rounds during Belfast disorder was “lawful and proportionate”

Incident Date:


The discharge of 22 AEP baton rounds by police during two nights of violence in the Broadway area of Belfast in July 2010 was lawful, justified and proportionate, an investigation by the Police Ombudsman’s O...

Police investigation “a catalogue of mistake after mistake”

Incident Date:


Twelve police officers have been disciplined following a complaint to the Police Ombudsman’s Office about the search for a man who was reported as missing.

Public Statement (39 pages).

PSNI issues new guidelines after Police Ombudsman finds failures in investigation of suspicious death

Incident Date:


The PSNI has issued new guidelines to all its Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) after a Police Ombudsman investigation found significant failures in the police investigation of a suspicious death.

Officers disciplined after drunken prisoner escaped from police car

Incident Date:


A Police Ombudsman investigation into an incident during which CS spray was used against a prisoner who had escaped from a police car resulted in two police officers being recommended for disciplinary action.

No evidence to support allegations of sexual assault by officer

Incident Date:


A Police Ombudsman investigation has found no evidence to support allegations of serious sexual assault made against a police officer by a female on 22 June 2010.

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