What happens after I have called the Police Ombudsman's on-call SIO?

Once contacted by telephone, the on-call SIO will decide the appropriate level of response and advise you accordingly. If the on call SIO decides to send an Investigating Officer (IO), you (or the Station Custody Officer) will be informed of his/her identity. The IO should arrive within 90 minutes for an incident within the Greater Belfast area, or within three hours for an incident elsewhere in Northern Ireland.

Pending the arrival of the IO, the PSNI Senior Officer on duty at the incident must ensure that the scene is preserved and exhibits or potential exhibits are retained in accordance with PSNI Code Section 9.

On arrival, subject to the principles outlined here, the IO will take charge of all exhibits, take responsibility for the alleged crime scene and direct activity.

In cases where a crime scene relates to both alleged misconduct by a member or members of the police and a criminal offence by the complainant, the guidance notes attached here should be consulted.



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