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Complaints must be referred to the Office

Details of any complaint about police made at a police station or to a police officer must be forwarded to the Police Ombudsman's Office at the earliest practicable opportunity.

When a member of the public attends a police station to make a complaint, an OMB2 or OMB2(b) form must be filled in and emailed to the Police Ombudsman's Office. You will find an online version of the form on PoliceNet, and instructions on where it should be sent.

If you are out of the station and on duty when a member of the public seeks to make a complaint, you should record as many details relating to the identity of the complainant and about his or her complaint as circumstances allow.

In situations where it is not possible to record any details, such as during public disorder, as a minimum Officers should seek to inform the complainant that he or she should contact the Police Ombudsman's Office.