Police Ombudsman will consider all G8 complaints

Published Date: 13.06.2013

All complaints about the conduct of police officers on duty during G8, whether they are about members of the PSNI or police officers from Great Britain, should be made to the Police Ombudsman’s Office.

The Office has put in place a number of special arrangements so that it will receive and consider all such complaints.

Police Ombudsman staff will be on hand between 10am and 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday (15 and 16 June) to respond to complaints made by phone or e mail.

The Office will be open to the public as normal on both Monday and Tuesday, (17 and 18 June), and will operate a similar telephone response system between 8am and 8pm on both days.

It will also have several teams of investigators on call during the period to respond to any critical incidents which may arise.

“We have well established procedures for dealing with complaints from members of the public and have put in place additional robust arrangements for the G8 period, should they be needed,” said a spokesman.

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