Police failed to properly investigate murder, but did not attempt to instigate Republican feud

Published Date: 18.02.2005

The Police Ombudsman concluded that the RUC failed to properly investigate the death of Eoin David Morley, who was murdered by the IRA on Easter Sunday, April 15 1990. However, Mrs Nuala O'Loan found that there had been no effort by the RUC to instigate a feud between the IRA and another Republican paramilitary group, the IPLO.

PDF: Full Public Statement


Mr Morley's family lodged a number of complaints with the Police Ombudsman's Office regarding Mr Morley's death and the subsequent police investigation, including that:

  • the RUC failed to conduct a proper and thorough investigation into the murder of Eoin Morley.
  • police knew who was responsible for the murder.
  • the police failed to arrest the known suspect, named as Mr A and sought to protect him.
  • Eoin Morley was murdered at the instigation and behest of the police to create a feud between PIRA and the IPLO.

Police Ombudsman's public statement on the investigation by police of the murder of Eoin David Morley on 15 April 1990. 


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