Police Ombudsman responds to ICR research on "Policing, Accountability and Young People"

Published Date: 18.06.2003

THE Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, Mrs Nuala O'Loan, commenting on the publication of the ICR Report "Policing, Accountability and Young People" said:

"I am pleased that this research has shown that in general young people are supportive of the work of the Police Ombudsman's Office and recognise the need for civilian oversight of policing.

"I particularly welcome the fact that many young people are aware of the independence and impartiality of investigations undertaken by my office."

Mrs O'Loan reassured young people that all complaints made to the office would be fully considered and dealt with appropriately. "All complaints to this office are treated seriously, from allegations of rude behaviour right up to more serious allegations of assault or corruption," she said.

The Police Ombudsman also reaffirmed her commitment to raising awareness of her office among young people, and increasing understanding of the investigative process.


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